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The return on investment for reading is unlimited, the most valuable lesson I can pass on is this: find time to read every single day. 

Let me be upfront: I am not a lifelong reader, I started only a few years ago and since then I’ve had a fever to remedy my ignorance. I had always heard that reading was the most important thing we can do and now that I’m a regular reader I 100% agree. 

Reading will make you highly competitive, not because of success or business books, but because reading the right books will increase a persons understanding of the world and their intellectual confidence. 

I like to read long dense texts about high concept ideas. My reading list is not for everyone, but those that share affinity for these works all seem to have certain personality traits in common. I often write reviews to post here for various purposes: writing helps me mentally process books better, it provide my readers some content, and I get to brag about smart I am. 

The buttons will take you to various lists and reviews of mine, the titles should be pretty self explanatory.


If you want to know “What’s the best book that I should read?”, know that this is the wrong question. There is no one book that will teach you what you need, you need an ever-increasing the answer is to read every day so you create a deep foundation of knowledge that is compounded upon as time goes on.

don’t find the best book, find a ways to be a life long reader

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