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2019 year in review

REFLECTION AND NEW GOALS One thing I tried to get away from last year was setting specific monetary goals. For example, the popular “I want

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What it is: Podmax is a one day event in New Jersey for Podcasters and podcast guests. I was a guest on 5 high level

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If you follow me on Facebook you have undoubtedly seen an #asianworkwife post over the last ~3 years. It’s become quite the phenomenon for me

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The definitive Biggerpockets conference photo experience extravaganza!   First, what is BiggerPockets? BiggerPockets (BP) is an online community focused on real estate investing. Their platform

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Real Estate

October 2019

Happy to report nothing too exciting! My whole portfolio is going well right now.  I’m getting my cash flow, and I’m getting better at managing

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