January 2019

Real Estate Update

FINALLY I have progress to share!

I’ve been tied up on my last property for longer than usual, it’s finally rented and I’ve started doing the refi on it as well and I have another purchase lined up right afterwards. Stay tuned as February is going to be big! 

I have been helping a few fellow investors buy, rehab, rent, and refinance properties in my market. So we’ve made a lot of progress there and I’m grateful for the ability to help other people make money (and make a little for myself). That said, the market I invest in has been SATURATED with new investors and the foreclosure market has been barren. 

I had one of my rentals flood from the upstairs neighbor late in November and it’s still not fixed (using the upstairs owner insurance). This is hwy I hate contractors, they are TERRIBLE. When you find the rare one that is amazing, you marry them. I love my usual contractor but this one sucks. Oh well, it’s about to wrap and get back to producing income.

These problems are pretty small overall. It’s IMPORTANT to remember that real estate doesn’t always go smoothly! You gotta have cash aside to deal with times of hassle, and you should never get a false sense of confidence to think things will always go well.

Other than that there isn’t much to update. Once my personal purchase property is complete and refinanced I’ll make a detailed post about it. 

What happened in January

I recorded some podcast guest appearances

I was on the Doyouevenblog.com podcast to talk about my first year of blogging in a review. Pete has become a good friend of mine and I’m grateful for the opportunity he’s provided. I told Pete on his show that EVERYONE NEEDS TO START THEIR OWN BLOG. So if you want to take this advice, and you should, go to his site to get started


I was fortunate enough to get an appearance on the “Ready Investor One” podcast hosted by a successful real estate investor I met at Fincon named Paul David Thompson. How did I get on, I ASKED! Also, I’m mad charming yo!

I’m very excited for this one and I’m hoping it comes out good. Paul is a SMART guy and very even keeled, I have no idea how he puts up with me. I’m thankful for this opportunity and I hope he get’s some usefulness out of it!


CLICK HERE TO LISTEN (I wish paul had an embedded link to share)

Now let me share some arrogant introspection with you my friend.

In late 2018, I was invited to 2 of the top 10 investing podcasts on all of itunes. “The Biggerpockets podcast”, and The Best Ever Real Estate Investing Podcast”, with Joe Fairless (Not released yet). I probably didn’t deserve to be on either one to be completely honest as there are far smarter people in the world about real estate than me, but they reached out to me, so who would say no? It certainly makes me wonder what my value is.

If I can so easily get on both of these big shows I have to believe some people in this space find me useful. Why else would they want me in their content? Maybe I should start producing a podcast of my own…..

My Las Vegas monthly meetup is growing

When I lived in North Carolina I would meet with some fellow investors for a casual weekly lunch. It grew pretty quickly and we had a good team of friends getting together regularly. When I moved to Las Vegas I wanted to do the same thing, just create a place where friends and new investors can meet like minded people in a low pressure situation.

Since my BP podcast appearance, it’s grown quite a bit, and this month was the biggest yet! I’m going to need to find a bigger venue soon! Fantastic way to make friends and build relationships. If you live in Las Vegas, come hang out!  

I posted my first youtube video

This in itself is not exciting, but it was a big step forward for me. I’ve known for a long time I would be entertaining on video but I’ve been insecure to take the leap. So I put this out there in its very imperfect form and I’m going to try to continue to improve. When I started this blog I had a similar apprehension for writing, now I’m so glad I started it. Videos are a bit harder to produce, and I’m still neurotic about it but I’m hoping to provide more good content as we move forward.

What’s going to happen in February

Trying to launch a youtube channel with my brother

We have already started this and the youtube channel is being loaded now. It’s basically just him and I casually talking over zoom for 30-minute segments about economics, history, current events, and why most people are just so damn dumb. It’s rough and not going to make either of us famous, but it’s a START and so far that seems to be the hardest part.

There are some videos uploaded but all set to private still. Maybe we will release next month.

The channel is called:


I’m attending “The Best Ever” conference

This is a real estate investing conference in Denver. I’ve never been to Denver and I really need to network with more multifamily people. I already have my tickets and I intend to do a photo story once I return! Should be a great story to tell. 

I’ll also be attending the 3rd annual Biggerpockets/Millenial Real Estate Investor meetup while I’m there!

Another neat thing happened while scheduling this. I was initially supposed to go with a close Vegas RE friend, but he ended up going with his wife and they want to stay at a hotel alone (I can’t blame them for that!). That means though that I have nowhere to stay and have to roll alone. I’m not about going solo, so I had just happened to make a friend over video chat the week before 

If you want to schedule video chats with me for free you can find the link at the front page of my website. 

So I called my new friend and told him to come to this conference with me. He agreed! So unless he secretly hopes we are on a man-date I think it’ll be a good networking opportunity for both us. Real estate is about building relationships, and I’m always forming new ones. Should be interesting. 

More podcasts! 

I already recorded the very famous Joe Fairless podcast and it should air in February. Let me tell you, I BOMBED this episode so bad! So embarrassing! 

Let me know if you hear it, I will not be listening to it. Too much cringe for me

I also recorded another episode with David Pere from Military to Millionaire and that should be a fun podcast/videocast. I’ll post it when complete for sure. 

Books I read this month

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

(This one was a big deal, it’s long, it’s jam-packed full of historical context, and I wrote a decent post about my thoughts about it HERE)

Keeping at it – Paul Volcker

The Prince – Niccolo Machiavelli

If you want to join my Facebook book club which you should do if you’re smart, you can do so HERE

Want to get involved?

Real Estate

I’m trying to buy a ~large multifamily property in 2019. I have some funding lined up, lending lined up, property management, and a group of motivated individuals looking towards the same goal. If you think you can help us find or take down deals, reach out. If you want to be an investor when we find something, reach out.

If you can find some SFR in the Fayetteville NC area, I’m also looking to purchase a few more of those. Would love to talk to some good wholesalers.

Content production


Help starting a Youtube channel

As I mentioned my brother and I want to turn our thoughts into content. We are going to put the raw clips on Youtube (and the audio into podcast format) but we welcome all the help we can get. Graphics made, music, animated intros, etc. We intend to hire out these services quite soon as things grow, this is simply an open invite to those who have talent and want to share. Maybe you want to share with us 😉

Turn the audio into a podcast

I have some ideas for this already, and I don’t think this will be too hard. The main goal is to take the audio channels from our zoom conversations and upload them as a podcast. Just to cast a wide net of exposure. I’m pretty sure I can do this, but we are always looking to include people who want to help.

Does anyone code in programming language R

I don’t know anything about programming. My brother is trying to put together some apps for a website and is trying to find some help, specifically in this coding language. Reach out if you think you can help.


Jeez, could I be worse at anything more than this? We live in a world where my lots of my peers are making money PURELY on marketing with less experience, less talent, and not as entertaining as me (also, not as humble). If I could find someone who could help me disseminate my message and crank up my marketing (even though I sell nothing). I would be grateful. 


While I always put these needs lists out I never want people to think I’m cheap. If you can help solve my problems, pitch me and tell me your price. I’m not asking for handouts, I need partners! 

2018 year in review

What a year it’s been!

First, thanks to my smoking hot wife for putting up with me all year. I am not easy to deal with. She is amazing
I did a ton of new stuff and I’m excited to share some of it. Funny enough, most of my big accomplishments this year were NOT directly real estate related. Most big progress was this website, podcasts, and networking. I did buy 3 houses this year but I’m going to share a lot more

4 podcasts appearances

This was a big year for me in terms of exposure. I had no website last year and never had been a podcast guest, this year I got on 4 podcasts I really liked! Here they are in chronological order:

Do you even blog

Thank you Pete McPherson for my big break!

Pete runs a GREAT blog and podcast to teach new bloggers and podcasters how to succeed (#doublemeta). I was fortunate to hear an episode where he said he was looking for new guests. I hit him up immediately and pitched him to give me a shot.

It worked! From there someone reached out to me and offered to redesign my website (and now it looks fantastic!). Due to that I got on the BP podcast, and then Pete and I shared a bedroom at Fincon (sexytime!)

Compound wins baby!


This was a big deal for me, a very big deal. I have been listening to this podcast for ~4 years, I post on their website daily, I write for them, I moderate the forums. I’ve met some of my closest real world friends on that site.

I am a BP FANBOY and I’m thankful they let me be a part of their very famous podcast.




I went on this podcast and somewhere in there they asked me a question about how to overcome fear and my reply was “Suck it up buttercup”. Now this is not any particular catch phrase of mine normally. However, since this writing people have been saying it to me nonstop, which is hilarious.

These Biggerpockets people really are too good to me, not sure I deserve it. They sent me this FANTASTIC book, a water bottle, and a nice card for christmas.

From Military to Millionaire

David Pere runs this site, we met at Fincon18 and really hit it off. I don’t really advertise my veteran status much or use it to solicit my brand, but when we spoke it came out in conversation and he knew I would be a good fit for his show.

Our episode turned out great, I got a lot of positive response from it and I’m thankful for the opportunity.


Millenial Real Estate Investor

Once I did the BP show, everyone wanted to get a piece of me! I recorded this in late November and I must say, it might be the most FUN show I did this year. Those guys just let me rant at them for over an hour and there are few things I enjoy more than that!

3 houses purchased and $900/monthly added to cashflow

Rental #7

My goal for 2018 was to purchase 3 rentals and I did it! As usual, I probably should have set my goals higher! Truthfully though this was not easy, so I’m glad I hit my goal because really it was a stretch for me. All 3 were purchased long distance (I still haven’t seen any of them!) 

I went OBSESSIVE on books

This book is INSANELY good. I've written about it a bunch, I talk about it nonstop. A good read for every human being
These are the responses from a friend after I got him to buy this book! It's that good bro!
This series spoke to me like nothing else I've ever read. The group of 5 is called "Incerto". It's brilliant! It's economics, risk analysis, a guide to live in modernity, it's poetry, and I'll be quoting it for the rest of my life. #Antifragile
In the shower, in the car, at the gym. Grind knowledge

Reading has the most impact on my future of anything I do, the biggest return on investment around, and the number one reason I’m going to out compete people year after year. Education compounds like you wouldn’t believe. 

Here is an exhaustive post about my reading for the year

In case you want to read more of my book content, you can go here

I practiced quite a bit of photography

I shoot a lot of cars. My friend was driving this R8 at the track and got a great shot of him
Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas. Great Hiking!
This is Horseshoe Bend in Page Arizona. Had to snap this right at sunset and rented a 12MM Sigma to get it. This is not perfect shot, but its pretty good for a rookie!
Downtown Dallas
Camouflaged Ferrari that hangs out in Vegas

My blog BLEW up

Ok maybe it didn’t blow up” but it grew much more than I thought. Both in credibility, and connectivity to other people. I started my blog in late December 2017 and it wasn’t because I’m a great writer or that I wanted to monetize my brand, rather I just wanted to share the things I’ve learned about finance, real estate, and success. I didn’t have any intention for it other than get some thoughts out and I knew if I sunk even a little effort in it would grow, BOY WAS I RIGHT?

Now I don’t track my analytics much, I don’t think many people view the site. I don’t market it much, I don’t do any ads or emails (actually I just started this), it’s just up there for people to see if they stumble upon it. Even with this approach, I’ve had a massive positive response from it.

So I’m trying to step up my game a little bit for next year: I hope to add some video content, I’m working on email capture and dissemination (valuable, not annoying), and hoping to include people a lot closer on books. 

Looking forward to blog year #2!

Any dog lovers? Here are my beasts

Charlotte and Jackson

I went to my first conference

Fincon 2018 was AMAZING! (click here to see my photo story) 

I had no idea how much I was really missing until I went. Learned a ton, did some high level networking, and it’s amazing how different people treat you just by COMMITTING to your growth. Spend $400 and fly across the country as a self investment, just to meet people who have committed similar efforts.

I was so sold on this even that I immediately bought my tickets to Fincon19 in D.C. next September and I’ve already bought my tickets to The Best Ever Conference in Denver coming up in February. I have a few more on my radar to attend as well.

They made my face into a pancake. Fincon is a MUST ATTEND EVENT for this reason alone!

Where I fell short

I was going to write a long chapter on this, but decided against it. It’s not that I don’t have failures by any means.  Quite the opposite, I have enough failures that listing them out would be an endless task. Plus, what’s the point? Everyone knows what the biggest failure we all make is wasted time and I do no less than the next person. 

I’ve written lots of lessons I’ve learned this year and spoken about many of my mistakes. Learning and improving is valuable, but I don’t believe that dwelling on our imperfection is a good use of time. 

So, we are moving forward baby! 

Still a beast in the gym

This is the SINGLE photo I took in the gym this year. I intend to get a lot more neat shots in 2019.

What to expect in 2019

I’m not a fan of new year’s resolutions, but I am a fan of goal setting. This year while I feel as ambitious as ever and I know what it feels like for my time investments to pay off. That’s a powerful incentive. It’s one thing to believe that hard work pays off, but a different one to experience it. So instead of goals, I’m focused on activities that produce returns. 

1. I’m going to work on things that I know high returns on investment, albeit abstract. For instance reading more, working on creating value with this blog, networking nationally, going to seminars, more podcast appearances, etc.

2. I still need to buy 2 more single family homes to reach my mortgage cap. I want to finish this goal because it gives me a really solid protected downside and risk mitigation for the long term. 

3. Really work towards buying a mid-sized multifamily apartment

4. Enjoy my life as much as possible!

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December 2018

Personal Purchase Update


My newest house is complete! I’m still working on the refi so the full post will have to wait.

The basic numbers are as such:

Purchase price – 50K

rehab – 15K

ARV – 90K (est)

Rent – $950/monthly

This was a GREAT deal and I got lucky in a few ways. I’ll be excited to share the full details once the financing is finalized. 


What happened in November

I went to Texas! 

 Yeehaw yo! 


I made my way down to Dallas to talk real estate with a friend I made online. I took a lot of pictures, we took advantage of some great networking opportunities, and I got some decent pics! Networking is an incredibly important part of your career, and I don’t mean just meeting people, but BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS. If it’s not genuine, it’s not shit. 


I finally installed email capture on my website

 Don’t worry I’m still not going to sell you anything! If you sign up, you’ll pretty much just get this newsletter sent to you once a month. No spam, and no nonsense, just a way to stay in slightly better contact so you don’t miss me when I go stratospheric.

I started doing a casual video chat with my brother

We talk weekly anyway so we thought maybe some people would be interested to hear our take on current events, complex topics, and just because it’s fun. Though at the time of this writing we haven’t uploaded anything. Soon! 

What’s going to happen in December

Not much to be honest. In some ways this is good, in some ways bad. The last few months have been very busy for me, especially since the BP podcast. I’ve been getting a lot more opportunities and I don’t want to expose to any large risks by moving too quickly unnecessary. Also known as shiny bouncy ball syndrome. 

So December is going to be focused on what has the biggest long term ROI: reading, writing, networking. I’ve been learning more, and a lot more about risk and while the world goes a little crazy, I want to remain tempered. Interest rates are rising, deals are getting harder to find, and competition is growing. I’m not predicting anything, but I don’t need to chase outsized gains just because everyone else is. No one else seems to be talking about slowing down or increased risk at all: this causes me concern.

So I’m going to wrap on my house, try to find another one. Work on the website, and maybe try to find a podcast appearance. That said, I’m always open to the right unplanned opportunity. 

Books I read this month

Manufacturing Consent – Noam Chomsky

Rules for Radicals – Saul Alinksy

Antifragile – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Bed of Procrustes – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Fooled by Randomness – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

I read this book “Skin in the game” by Nassim Taleb earlier this year, and didn’t really know what to expect going in. I forget now why I originally read it. It was nothing like I’m used to. It was hard to like at first, and it’s a tricky read, only about complicated topics. It sucked me in though, and it does not take long to realize he’s brilliant. 

Then I picked up Anti-fragile this month and it really blew my mind. I can not get enough of this guy since I started. I’ve been watching YouTube videos of him, I cleaned off his book of Aphorisms: Bed of Procrustes. Which is an incredibly unique text of essentially modern day poems of economics, culture, behavior,  ancient wisdom, and shit talking! Before I even finished I decided to start reading Fooled by Randomness at night by hard copy (Something I never do). 

The whole series is called ‘Incerto’ and after I read the last one “Black Swan” I’m going to write a blog post about the whole thing. I may read them all again first. It’s this good. 

Want to get involved?

in 2019 it’s likely we are going to spend some considerable amount of time looking for a large multifamily property. If you’re interested in participating, talk to me about where you fit in. More information will come in this newsletter as time goes forward.5

I need someone to help me create a video page and tell stories. If you’re interested in Videography and story telling and want to work on some pet projects that I think have potential, I would love to hear from you.

Social media marketing. I’m no good at this, I need help creating a strategy and process. I’m not really sure what I need to be honest, but people ask me how they can help: this is an area I know has opportunity

Ever built and sold a course online for….anything? I’ve been slowly working on something I could market and sell that would provide tremendous value to people who want to do what I do. If you’re interested, and can help don’t be shy. 

November 2018

Personal Purchase Update

I closed my last refi if very early October from the previous BRRRR deal I did. I started looking for a new deal immediately and I found one quick! Probably won’t be as good as the last deal but it’ll still be a good one! I closed on that house in mid october so 20 days between getting my money wired to me and closing on the next house. Not bad at all!I’ll make a full post for this one like I usually do once it’s complete. Currently it’s in rehab mode and not that much to talk about, in the meantime you can at least see the deed since the house is paid off. I get these all the time, and I put loans on them so it’s not really a big deal….but still kinda cool!

I was on the biggerpockets podcast!


This was a big deal for me because I’ve wanted to be on this thing for about 5 years now! Very exciting stuff. I talk about my real estate journey and some of my approaches to buying real estate. I’m a rookie podcast guest, so I was definitely nervous but tons of people have enjoyed it and I hope you do to. 

My phone has been BLOWING up since it went live and I’m trying to make time to answer everyone, I’ve also finally been convinced to start collecting emails so people can more closely follow what I’m doing. 

In the mean time, watch the interview and HYPE OUT! 

Click here to listen to it

I did a video interview with my friend David at his site From military to Millionaire

Spending my time meeting people on Skype


I’ve been doing video chat with people to provide information, build relationships,  and do coaching for free. 

I love meeting people and talking about real estate. If you want to do a free Skype/Google hangout conference with me please reach out! Some people have urged me to charge for my time and create a real ‘coaching’ business out of this, but for now I have refrained. For similar reasons as my above opportunity I think there is far more value in finding great people to invest in rather than simply making money off of a transaction.

So for the time being this opportunity will continue to be free. If you want to talk real estate in any capacity, even if it’s casual, please use link at the bottom of my home page (it says “Let’s meet“) to schedule a time to chat. I’m happy to help if I can and I love to meet people. 

Reading list

This was a bit of a short month for me in terms of books completed. I usually shoot for 4 per month, but the Gulag Archipelago is extremely long and dense. I think I’ll be stuck on this one for a bit longer than usual, but that’s ok because it’s epic and amazing.

Outliers – Malcom Gladwell

The Gulag Archipelago – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

October 2018

Personal Purchase Update

Newest purchase took a tad longer than I expected. As I mentioned last month we had to go back through and do some further updates before we listed it for rent. It took no time at all to get a renter in there which was great, so I scheduled the appraisal with the lender. Hurricane Florence delayed us a week, but the appraisal went through and I got all my money back! 

Purchase price – 55K

Rehab – 10K

All-in cost – 65K

Appraised value – 100K!!!!!!

Rent – $950/month 

It shouldn’t be so easy to make this much money doing so little. 

I went to Fincon 2018

Fincon is an annual conference for financial bloggers. Tons of people in the “blogosphere”, youtubers, podcasters, and content creators of all kinds come together to talk shop. It was a lot of fun, and a useful learning experience. I came away super inspired and I’ve already bought my tickets for next year!

Click here if you want to see my experience as told through my camera]

Fincon has an interesting history for me. I had been hearing about it for years through people involved in the personal finance community, but it’s for bloggers. So when I started my blog, I got excited that I had a legitimate reason to go! So I prepared by redesigning the site, I got the nice logo made, business cards, and tried to step up a little bit so I didn’t seem like a total slacker. 

Unfortunately when I got there I felt like a total slacker anyway. Not in a bad way, but in a motivating way. It’s good to see the effort your peers are putting into similar work, helps hold ourselves accountable. Next year I look forward to trying much harder: more preparation, better pitches and branding, more deliberate networking. 

All that said, this event is FUN. I work at a bank and bankers are BORING almost universally, I was worried that hanging with a bunch of money nerds would be similar, (and it was kinda) but it was fantastic and I already bought my tickets to go next year! 

I made a mistake by not going sooner, thinking I didn’t have anything to offer, or wasn’t established enough. I wish I would had gone far earlie. 


What’s going to happen in November

I have 2 podcasts coming up! 
Very exciting times! Late last year I started this blog to share my real estate thoughts, shortly afterwards I got the opportunity to write for the official Biggerpockets blog regularly. Next up I’m going to record a podcast with them. No idea when/if it’ll air, but I’m excited to prepare diligently and make the most of this opportunity, no squandering! 
I have another podcast opportunity with them in the works but it’s still in testin so don’t want to jump the gun. 

I’m going to buy another single family home 

I had intended to start this process in September but had a slight delay, all things considered not that big of a deal. This will be my 3rd complete purchase and rehab for the year and that was my goal, excited to hit it!

Residential real estate deals are getting more competitive these days for sure. Margins are tightening and interest rates are rising, I’m starting to develop strategies for alternative paths forward. Keep you posted on what happens. 

Books I read this month

 I only got through 4 books this month but I’m quite happy with the choices I picked, especially Yuval Harari and Richard Dawkins’ new books. I read Roger Stone’s book because I wanted to see what this guy had to say, but it was drivel unfortunately. 

The Federalist Papers – Alexander Hamilton / James Madison

21 Lessons for the 21st Century – Yuval Noah Harari

Stone’s Rules – Roger Stone

Science in the Soul – Richard Dawkins

Want to get involved?

People are always asking to be part of our success, and we are always looking to bring in great talent.

If you are looking to provide some value and want to get involved, don’t be shy. Reach out!

September 2018

I’ve decided to try and do monthly updates to catch people up on all my projects at once rather than weekly random articles with no particular coherence. This will be the first of many! 

Personal purchase update

My latest purchase has finished rehab! We had finished it and tried to rent it for about 10 days and then went through and made a few more adjustments. The house had wood paneling on the interior which was quite a bit outdated. I was confident that we could get the house rented as-is, but I wanted top range of rental income, and I really wanted to make sure this house will appraise for 85K or better. So after the rehab was complete, I looked at the pictures and decided it was worth sinking some more money into. I had my team pull the wood paneling down, install new counter tops, and a few other small odds and ends. Now we are back to looking for a tenant. The pictures are before we went back to redo those items.

This project has been going a bit slower than my last one. My contractor has a ton of his plate lately (somewhat thanks to work I’ve brought him) so this has fallen a bit to the wayside. Fine by me really because we have both been focused on other mutual projects. All that said, I’m happy to wrap this one up and get it profitable.

I started my side of the underwriting for this deal 2 weeks ago! That means as soon as tenant signs the lease at this property I can go apply for a mortgage with my lender, he’s going to ask me for a laundry list of “stips”: loan documents to satisfy lending requirements. This will include W2’s, tax returns, bank statements, insurance for all my properties, hoa statements, paid tax bills, etc. I have all these documents prepared already so as soon as the processor asks me for that list I can give them to her instantly, this speeds up my underwriting immensely AND it makes the loan processor’s life really easy. Win/Win/Win

I spoke on a panel regarding long distance investing

Speaking is something I’ve always been intrigued with, and there is a TON of value in it, but it’s a talent like any other: it must be practiced. I was fortunate enough to share some of my knowledge at a local real estate meet focused on out of state investing. I was happy to share my knowledge and hopefully, I’ll get the chance to do it again soon!

Thanks to Neil Henderson of www.summerskycapital.com for snapping this great picture of me! And another big thank you to Outback real estate investor group of Las Vegas for giving me the opportunity to share what I know.

Here is an article for Biggerpockets about why it’s important to build a team BEFORE you buy a house

The link to that article is here:

Newbies, if You Want to Land a Property Within 12 Months, You Need to Do THIS Now

I started using my talents and knowledge to help other people duplicate my process

Towards the middle of the month a guy reached out to me expressing interest in replicating my process. We made quick friends and started ramping him up to understand how I make money so easily. I showed him how I buy houses, introduced him to my ground team, and on August 21st we had an offer accepted on a GREAT DEAL.

Purchase price – 34K

Rehab estimate – 25K

ARV – 85K

Rent – $950/month

This is a sick deal and very happy I could help a stranger to make money using what I’ve already learned. I certainly couldn’t do it without my great ground team in place, so I’m thankful for them stepping up so well to take on these new clients.

It seems as soon as we started making some successful progress in this area another client reached out to employ my skills in the same manner. I’ve begun to move towards this opportunity in what I’ve tentatively called “Alexandria Consulting”. I will look to expand on this new demand and try to help as many people as I can.

What’s going to happen in September

I’m going to buy another single family home

Maybe my last for the year. I really want to move into a commercial purchase next year so I’m trying to slow down my cash usage for the time being. I fully intend to spend the majority of my cash assets on a large apartment and it’s unlikely I’ll have access to that income again for a while. So I’m hoping to get one more deal done and then shift my focus on the next big obstacle, although I will continue to assist others

I’m going to fincon 2018

My friend Lee Huffman goes to Fincon every year and raves about it. My FOMO was kicking in hard this year so I looked into it. It’s a conference for financial bloggers which neat but I’m not a blogger, rather I WASN’T a blogger. I literally started this blog so I could go and network and have a reason to participate. That was in December and since then my blog has provided me with far more opportunity than just one conference. If you’re on the fence about content production then my suggestion is to just get started. Put something together and start practicing, the results I’ve had in just 8 months have been staggering. Highly recommend.

Books I read this month

Are you reading consistently? This has been the massive life changing habit for me. Sad I wasted so many years thinking I was smart rather than working hard at actually learning. I clean off books at a blistering pace these days to make up for lost ground, you can see my list of August additions here:

Never Split the Difference

Raising Private Capital


Guns Germs and Steel

Change your Mind

Want to get involved?

People are always asking how they can bring value and get involved with our process, but I’m not always sure what talents people have. Here is a short list of things we could always use help on. If you are looking to be part of a growing operation and think you can help us do better, reach out!

  • Blogging/writing/proofreading
  • Finding multifamily deals in North Carolina
  • Social media  strategy
  • Photography/videography in Las Vegas
  • Podcasting