I’m trying to consolidate podcast and video media on this page, but it’s a bit too much to be organized in a way I like. I put the most important things up front:


  1. My guest appearance on BiggerPockets podcast, which directly transformed my life AND it’s a fantastic blend of information, hype, and NO BS reality. 
  2. I am the co-host of the “Military to Millionaire” Podcast with David Pere, I have included our 100th episode which is mostly a reflection of our time and the link to the rest of the podcasts on his page
  3. Lastly I am including a link to the BiggerPockets “Meet the Investor” series which I have been working very diligently on. I explain the process in detail and share all the episodes in that link. 



The Biggerpockets Podcast! 

I’m a super fan of these guys, their site taught me how to get started in real estate and I’m eternally grateful for them. I was asked to come on the show and I had a BLAST and got to share both my story and hopefully some useful strategy to help the next investor.

Here is the episode

From Military to Millionaire

This link is just for the 100th episode, but I am actually the co-host of this show as of ~mid 2019. David and I met at a conference called Fincon and we have been good friends ever since. He didn’t really need me to help grow his show, so I’m thankful he wanted me to be part of it.

Meet The Real Estate Investor 

For the full write-up and all the episodes click here. 

Essentially I wanted to practicing producing video content and I was able to do so using the BiggerPockets platform and my HUGE network of real estate investors. 

This was my second appearance on the “Best Ever” podcast. This time I was talking specifically about my multifamily deal and what I learned about it. 

These guys found me and asked me to be on their show, and it was AWESOME. 

I must have been in some kind of zone because I really had a lot of fun with this one. 

Check out “Tech Guys Who Invest” Here

I don’t know how I landed on “The Best Ever” show, but they asked me to be on it and I obviously agreed (say yes to opportunity!).

It was a fast one, and very structured but I get it because no one wants to hear me ranting for too long. We primarily talked about delayed finance and of all the shows I’ve done so far this is the one I was most nervous doing. Can you tell when you heard it? 

I went to PodMax 2 in late 2019 and was on the Real Estate Hackers  show with Chad Gallagher. I was nervous but it went great. 

Later, he invited me to speak at the Real Estate Hackers conference


My second appearance on the fantastic Do You Even Blog podcast with Pete Mcpherson. 

He had me on when I was a very new blogger and I basically convinced him to do an annual update show with me. We talk about my first year blogging, how to create authentic content, and why fame is stupid. 

My good friends Neil and Brittany launched this podcast in 2018 and they have really done well with it. Grabbing high level guests like Mindy Jensen, J Martin, and Adam Adams…..and me! 

Their site is called “The Road to Family Freedom” 

This was my second appearance on the From military to Millionaire show. I met this fantastic Marine David Pere at Fincon18 and we have become good friends since. This episode we really talked about how military members can succeed in real estate (and blogging) while I basically take over David’s show. 

Jay Helms runs a podcast called “The best W2 job for real estate investors. As a financial analyst for commercial business loans, I had to enter my name for this show. We had a GREAT time and got to share a lot of information as well as laughs. 

Paul David Thompson is a very successful single-family real estate investor who runs the website Ready Investor One. Met him at Fincon18 and I was lucky to have him ask me on his show. We talk about how I’ve used the delayed finance exception to maximize my growth and hurdles of new investors. 

My first appearance on “From Military to Millionaire. 


My very first Podcast with Pete Mcpherson from 

I started this blog in December of 2018 just to get some thoughts into the world. He wanted a new blogger on the show to discuss the pitfalls and struggles of starting out. 

Do you need a smart and HIGH ENERGY podcast guest?

I’m your guy! I’m happy to talk about real estate, finance, banking, politics, books, anything taboo, ethics, futurology, being a contrarian, history, or I can just come to motivate your pants off! 

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