Here is my definitely must read list

I put out a lot of content about books, but it’s always kind of a mess.

This page allows me a single place to display a few books that have changed my perspective about the world in irreversible ways. It’s not really a definitive list of books I would call my favorites, but it’s a good start. They aren’t technical nor are they niche specific, they would be useful and enjoyable to everyone who reads. 

I do not recommend self-help and I don’t read books about how to succeed. I recommend books that tell you how the world and humans work, because that is what will allow you to most effectively navigate your life. 

I have spent way too long trying to figure out the best order to put these in, but it’s impossible. 

Sapiens – Yuval Noah Harari 

This book provides a vast picture of humanity and culture we’ve designed for the last 12,000 years. 

Thinking, Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman 

Kahneman won a Nobel Prize for the work that created this book. It’s a fantastic insight into just how our brain works, and the logical fallacies our brains are predetermined to fall for.  It was very scary to read at first when I realized humans are nowhere near as rational as we think of ourselves. 

Incerto  – Nassim Nicholas Taleb (Risk and Uncertainty)

My personal favorite writing of all time for sure. I just love the guy’s style.

Incerto is actually 5 books: Fooled by Randomness, Black Swan, Antifragile, Bed of Procrustes, and Skin in the Game.  A deep insight into the gap between how risk is incorrectly understood by people and how to live in a world of uncertainty. 

The Coddling of the American Mind (Jonathan Haidt, Greg Lukianoff)

People have been becoming sissies for a few years now, and college, social media, and parent’s irrational fear of everything are the cause. If you have kids this is a 2x must read. This book addresses some serious problems, and we need to stop raising kids to be pansies. 

A Brief History of Time – Stephen Hawking

Why wouldn’t you want to learn from the smartest guy of our generation? This book was written in 1988 and it’s a non-technical approach to our universe, the laws that dictate it, and how we know them to be true. 

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Alex Felice

Alex Felice

My name is Alex, I live in Las Vegas and I’m a very high energy, loud, and eccentric guy. I like to talk about things that are high concept and important, no small talk! I like controversy, I speak with conviction, and I’m not a fan of rules. Oh, and I'm super into real estate investment.

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