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I figured out how to do real estate investing the right way, and I want you to have the same success I’m having. You in?

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Around 2014 I started figuring out how to buy residential rental real estate and it wasn’t as hard as I had thought. I KNEW other people could also do it and profit from it. I was finding success far easier than I had anticipated AND I was having fun. So I went to my friends and family and rigorously tried to get them interested with zero luck. I turned to the internet to find like minded people I could share this adventure with. Along the way I also found it rewarding to give back to the community and make the next investors’ life a bit easier.

I believe the two biggest factors in our success are education and networking. That’s why my intent for this website is: to provide useful and actionable education, and act as a hub to connect fellow investors. 

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October 2018

Personal Purchase Update Newest purchase took a tad longer than I expected. As I mentioned last month we had to go back through and do some further updates before we

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Fincon 2018

This is a photo story about my trip to Fincon 2018 in Orlando.  This is not a real estate or finance post, just want to share my experience. I bring

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My DYEB podcast appearance

          Admittedly this happened quite a while ago at the time of this posting. I’m a new blogger, I started writing for the first time ever

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September 2018

I’ve decided to try and do monthly updates to catch people up on all my projects at once rather than weekly random articles with no particular coherence. This will be

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