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I figured out how to do real estate investing the easy way, and I want you to have the same success I’m having. You in?

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This website is a place to share my experience in rental real estate investing. I  started buying single family homes a few years ago as a way to build early retirement and it’s actually pretty easy, and fun, and profitable.

I write all this content because it’s fun and I don’t currently monetize it. To be honest I just get an ego boost from helping other people make money. I’m always looking for people to do deals with and this site has been effective in helping me great partners. Below is a list of what I try to expect here:


The menu at the top of the page will get you to the blog and each of my real estate deals in full detail. 

I host a podcast that I would love for you to listen to. We follow people throughout the year and track their progress and I try to get guests to describe the ugliest parts of their journey rather than the highlights.

Do you read books? I freaking love books! I talk about books constantly and I’m always looking for friends to talk about books with. I would love to convince you that reading the correct books is one of the most valuable things I’ve ever done. 

You can video chat me at no cost by using the links at the bottom of this page or the contact page. Don’t be shy! I do this with new people all the time and I’ve done real estate deals with people who I met through video chat.

Here is a link if you want to know more about me, my dogs, and my obviously amazing personality.

Thanks for reading and I hope you find this site as useful as I intend for it to be. 

My latest ramblings


June 2019

Real Estate Update In January I wrote an end-of-year blog post as an excuse to get my thoughts out for what I spent my 2018 working on. In that post

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The Creature from Jekyll Island

This book is about the Federal Reserve. It discusses the purpose, the history, and the supposed secrets this central bank of the United States holds. I had been hearing about

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April 2019

Real Estate Update Wrapping on house #8, the one with the kitchen fire. We had to get extensive inspections on this one because of the damage but it’s about done

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Required Reading

Here is my definitely must read list I put out a lot of content about books, but it’s always kind of a mess. This page allows me a single place

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