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I figured out how to do real estate investing the easy way, and I want you to have the same success I’m having. You in?

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Do you want to learn about real estate while making real friends and partners while doing it? Omg me too! This place is a site where I can teach my real estate strategy in complete transparency and express my thoughts on investing topics openly. You’ll find nothing I sell on this website, all information is free. 

You can find my deals in thorough specificity in the main menu above. 

You can video chat me at no cost, at a time convenient for you, by using the links at the bottom of this page or the contact page. 

I believe the two biggest factors in our success are education and networking. That’s why my intent for this website is to provide actionable education and act as a hub to connect fellow investors. I have made a lot of my friends through this site and I help investors put together great deals every day.  Thanks for reading and I hope you find this site useful.

My latest ramblings


Reviewing a closing disclosure

What is a closing disclosure? A closing disclosure is a summary of your loan terms and details. It’s the last thing you sign when you’ve been approved for your loan,

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February 2019

Real Estate Update I finally finished my 7th property!!!  It took longer than I wanted, it was a bit more of a hassle than usual but it’s DONE! I wrote

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Real Estate

House #7 A test of patience

Patience is not my strong suit. Trust!  I had this article written about 2 months ago and wasn’t able to post it just now because this deal took way longer

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