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This website is a place where I try to encourage people to make good investments in real estate and themselves. I’m always working to get better at everything I do, and I find it valuable to share my personal successes as a means to propel my fellow human do the same. While I do use this place as a means to educate, I try to do so by leaving breadcrumbs for the next person rather than telling people what they should do. This site started as a blog about real estate but has morphed into a personal blog about my own growth, I post lots of real estate content but also photo stories, book reviews, and any adventure I think is meaningful. 

I started this website in 2017. I had turned my financial life around in the few years prior, paying off debt, saving some money, then buying a few rental properties and it changed my life and I knew I could help others do the same. This site is not a business, I don’t sell anything here, I’m simply trying to lead by example.

The site is called “Broke is a Choice” because it’s brash and straight to the point. Tough love is the only way I know how to help people and in many ways being tough is the only way anyone can really help themselves: to admit and accept our shortcomings and take massive self responsibility for our burden. I was broke for years before I finally admitted that it was my own lousy decisions causing my financial stress. Confessing the faults in my life were my own making was not easy but it was the only real path towards salvation, I’ve found a natural talent in helping people with this same challenge, so when I needed a name for this site I wanted something that would summarize that lesson and my personality: brash, but correct. 

“The strength of a person’s spirit would then be measured by how much ‘truth’ he could tolerate, or more precisely, to what extent he needs to have it diluted, disguised, sweetened, muted, falsified.” – Neitzsche

YouTube is my big 2020 goal and I’m trying to provide content that is entertaining and educational. I currently don’t monetize my channel because I don’t have enough subscribers but I give away enough content and information that asking for a YT sub isn’t much of an ask at all. YouTube is my approach at combining my two favorite hobbies, real estate and photography.

If you find anything of value on this website subscribing and watching some of my videos would be a good return of value to me, thank you. 

The blog is a mix of monthly updates, specific real estate information and random posts about investor mindset. 

Also some personal stuff because where else am I supposed to publish it? 

You want to see my deals right? 

I post my deals in complete transparency with the story it took to complete the deal, my strategy and obstacles throughout the transaction and all my financials. 

Click the top menu to see them, this button doesn’t work 😉 

There is no higher return on investment than books. I am an avid reader and I write about books quite often. I’m also of the opinion that people are reading a lot of the wrong books. Check out my book content here.

You can video chat with my by using the links at the bottom of this page or the contact page. I meet new people through this constantly and it’s always a lot of fun. We can discuss deals, strategy, networking, or whatever you think I can be helpful with, I just like to meet new people. 

Here is a link if you want to know more about me, my story, and my obviously amazing personality.

My latest ramblings


For those that feel lost

This common problem   I don’t just feel like this is a common thing people go through, people literally tell me on a daily basis that they are feeling lost

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Flip #2 Getting in my own way

This deal took forever One thing I learned this year (the hard way) was not to spread myself too thin,  I still make this mistake but I’m working to tighten

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A Year with my First Multifamily

How we got here, and the big lesson In June 2019 I made the jump from single family rentals to multifamily, there are A LOT of good reasons to do

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Meet the Investors

This is my biggest video production project to date.  The fact that I LOVE the BiggerPockets community is no secret to anyone who knows me. I learned how to buy

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Photo Journal

Shooting guns and cameras

Despite my affection for pink clothes and fancy blow dryers,  I like to do man stuff sometimes as well. Today we went to shoot guns.  My buddy Joe took me

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