Hi, I'm Alexander Felice.

I’m from a small town in Rhode Island.

I’m a very high energy, loud, and eccentric guy.
I like to talk about things that are of a big scale and important, no small talk!
I like controversy, I speak with conviction, and I’m not a fan of rules.
My Briggs-Meyers type would be ENTJ (nothing better!)

In 2001 I enlisted in the army. Saw the world, jumped out of some airplanes, experienced the war. It shaped my life, to say the least!
After the army I learned how to build a house with my uncle, I spent some time in sales, and overall wasted a bunch of precious time.

In 2010 I made some REAL bad life choices and ended up flat broke. I was always actually broke, but never really understood how bad until I used a net worth calculator one day and found out I was about 40K in the negative. I had zero money in savings and had just lost my job.

That’s when everything changed, I was sick of being broke and swore I would fix this problem forever.

That’s when I went to college and completed a bachelors degree in finance and started buying real estate.

I started listening to podcasts, audiobooks and working on self-improvement all day, every day.

In 2017 my wife and I moved to Las Vegas. I currently work in underwriting for an SBA lender and my Nikki is a nurse.

We buy real estate to fund our freedom, our future, and for fun!
As I started getting better I realized that I could help other people do the same thing so I started this blog!

Photography provides me with the opportunity that every dog owner wants: to take studio quality dog photos for absolutely no reason




I love to build relationships! If you think I can help you, you have a suggestion for the site, or you just want to talk shit, reach me here:

(910) 518-0647

Address: Vegas, baby!

Email alex(at)brokeisachoice.com

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