I paused this feature for a few months to regroup but I’m happy to announce it’s back. I LOVE meeting new people and I’ve found tremendous value in doing this so if you want to talk real estate don’t hesitate to schedule a chat. 

You’re welcome to schedule time to talk about anything you want, but these days I’m especially excited to talk with people about multifamily investing, YouTube, photography, and ideas surrounding digital networking.

I look forward to meeting you! 


For 3+ years I did free video chatting with strangers through this page and it was awesome. I started in 2017 just as a way to meet people, and I met some of my favorite long term partners, I’ve been able to help people buy profitable real estate, and I’ve made some real friends by doing this. It’s been a grand experiment! 

Unfortunately, as of late 2020 this experiment started to get popular and I’ve been booked ~3 months out. I think due to the lead time people have started to forget their appointment and have started to not show up to. I build my calendar around this zoom chat schedule because I give people my full attention, but as people start ghosting me I decided to take my schedule back. 

I thought about just charging people for this, but my goal with this service was to help people make money, not take it from them, so that idea doesn’t fit my purpose. 

So starting in 2021 I’m trying to do a weekly GROUP chat that allows people can show up if they want, and also meet other like-minded investors. I will still do the bulk of the talking because I’m the host, I’ll allocate further one on one time for people who need it from there. 

Email alex(at)brokeisachoice.com

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