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I only send you information about deals or really important content. Never any spam, no sales funnels.

Here are all the many ways to get ahold of me. I love talking to people and I rarely let messages slip. Reach out whatever way you are most comfortable with and if you don’t get a response from me it’s 99% of the time because I didn’t see it, and I apologize! please try again! 

Let’s chat one on one

I have been hosting one-on-one zoom chats through this website since 2017. If you think I can help you, click the link and let’s set up a 30 minute call.

Book club

Do you love learning? OMG me too! 

I realized a few years ago I love sharing books with people. I learn more, they learn more, we share perspectives, and we all end up getting much more out of them.


I love BP, I’ve been posting there since 2013 and have tons of blogs and posts to share. You can also PM me and we can chat there if that’s what you prefer.

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Bunch o' legal stuff

Privacy policies, disclosures, cookie management and all that fun stuff...

My Brain Fuel

My growing library of knowledge and inspiration. Fuel your success!

In a hurry?

Don't know where to go, but know you want to talk with me? The contact page has a ton of ways for you to direct message me

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