I’m currently in the process of changing this format.

I did free video chatting for ~3 years and it’s been awesome. I met some of my long term partners, I feel confident I’ve been able to help people buy profitable real estate, and I’ve made some real friends by doing this free video chat.  

Unfortunately, as of late 2020 this experiment started to get popular and I’ve been booked ~3 months out. I think due to the lead time people have started to forget their appointment and have started to not show up to. I build my calendar around this zoom chat schedule because I give people my full attention, but as people start ghosting me I decided to take my schedule back. 

I thought about just charging people for this, but my goal with this service was to help people make money, not take it from them, so that idea doesn’t fit my purpose. 

I think a better format would be a weekly GROUP chat and posted on YouTube. People can show up if they want and then we can maybe create some value for people to watch later on demand. I currently don’t have this set up, but given the demand of the coaching I think I could get a good group to show up. So I’m looking for someone to run the bulk of it, if you want to grow something with me, email me your ideas. The more complete, the better. Until then, this is on hiatus. 

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