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Daniella Osornio, Realtor

IN 2 NC Realty, Fayetteville NC

“I’ve known Alex for many years in a social environment as a friend amongst friends. We connected in a business capacity just a few short months ago when he contacted me in need of a new realtor to help him purchase an investment property in my market. I most certainly was enthusiastic to be of assistance considering I was relatively familiar with his work via social portals and word of mouth. In result, we closed on a property almost immediately; Alex has sent me multiple referrals since. Each client closing on their own deal and still searching for the next, tripling my own income within an abnormally short amount of time. Alex and I have been diligently working with one another on larger projects for the near future since our last closing. His drive and ability to motivate is undeniable. His influence has single handily inspired me to transition my career path in the direction that I have desired for years yet strayed from out of fear of the unfamiliar. I am beyond thankful for his energetic disposition, support, and constant encouragement to do more and be more!”

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My DYEB podcast appearance

          Admittedly this happened quite a while ago at the time of this posting. I’m a new blogger, I started writing for the first time ever

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September 2018

I’ve decided to try and do monthly updates to catch people up on all my projects at once rather than weekly random articles with no particular coherence. This will be

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You Must Love the Process

Our society has built a capitalist infrastructure unlike any the world has ever seen and it allows us to create jobs nearly endlessly, at the time of this writing unemployment

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Make your underwriting EASY

Ask your lender first, fast, and often   People have debt and lending questions all the time and they seem to insist on asking friends, fellow investors, or the internet.

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